The time is now

This is your opportunity to make a difference and leave a legacy. I strongly believe the time is now. Urged by a feeling of fear that we could be too late, we are praying and pressing on. Not that I want to create any pressure on the shoulders of the reader. I know God is in control. But still I have this feeling of urgency to act and helplessness at the same time. I am afraid of the violence of hungry people and the devastation they could cause.

According to a local pastor in Lethabong, the people in the township are suffering and desperate for food. I believe we are only at the beginning of the crisis. Unemployment will continue to rise. We need to act now and teach the people to grow their own food. Otherwise hunger will drive the people to forcefully take what they need and leave a huge destruction and chaos. People already started different protest by blocking roads and burning tires. More traumas will be created, steal the hope of many more and leave their hearts empty and devastated.

We have to act now and try to prevent the worst. The centre in the township would be the perfect set up for a gardening training center and community garden to provide food for the needy. The center could rise quickly into the safe haven that we want it to be and shine and bring light of hope. Read more about why it is important for us to move to the township.

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Furthermore the center is set up for other income streams like events and B&B. As soon as lockdown ends people will be eager to get out and it could be a great source of income.

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All the postponed weddings that could not take place during lockdown could be hosted at the center and create further revenue. The time for us to move is now!

We need people to join us in this adventure to lead this project to success. The funds to acquire the center need to be raised. Join hands with us today. Contact us now.

Your eternal reward is waiting for you. Read more about the rewards and benefits of giving.

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