The original program has been cancelled due to COVID19

During lockdown HOPE Recovered reached out with an online version of this program. There are 5 free classes available on HOPE Recovered’s Youtube channel.

Online Holiday Reading Club - Lesson 1
Online Holiday Reading Club - Lesson 2
Online Holiday Reading Club - Lesson 3
Online Holiday Reading Club - Lesson 4
Online Holiday Reading Club - Lesson 5
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The Holiday Reading Club is a week long program and is held during school holidays at a local school. It helps children with the basics of reading English. The children are taught in small groups with games and activities to show that reading can be fun and that they can learn it too.

At the successful completion of the program, the children receive a certificate and a surprise gift. According to our experience this program does not only improve reading and writing skills but also boosts the child's self-esteem.

Dates for 2020:

  • 15 - 19 June
  • 21 - 25 September

Holiday Reading Club Training

This training is for people who intend to run their own program, teach their children or volunteer with HOPE Recovered in the Library or a Holiday Reading Club. Contact us if you are interested in this training and we will let you know about the next training. The Holiday Reading Club Trainer Manual is an Operation Mobilisation (OM) and available at their online store.

Be a teacher at the Holiday Reading Club – your volunteer opportunity

You definitively want to be part of this! Have fun in an amazing team of young people and pass your knowledge to the next generation. You don't feel equipped? No problem! Join us for a Holiday Reading Club Training. Contact us today and we will keep you informed about the next training.

Opportunities to give towards the Holiday Reading Club

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