HOPE Recovered is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (210-136 NPO) in South Africa. We are also registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO No. 930062985) with the South African Revenue Service (SARS) and exempt from income tax. Furthermore, we can provide a section 18A donation receipt.

There are lots of talented children in the township. Unfortunately, they only come across very few opportunities that could propel their future. But that’s not all. Most of these opportunities pass by unutilised. Cultural customs, trauma and financial limitations are holding them back. So they rarely get a chance to discover and develop their talents. As Myles Monroe would say, “the graveyard is full of potential”. Unfortunately, the people took all their potential into their graves. Every day, they try to make ends meet and make it to the next payday. Hope that their situation might improve is long gone. What a tragedy! But what if they could find hope again, do what they are excellent at and what they enjoy doing? A life with purpose is a life that satisfies. That person will make a difference in their neighbourhood, community, nation or even the world. We believe that God will restore hope in their lives, so that they can start dreaming again. We believe that everyone has a God-given purpose on this earth. We need to discover it and pursue it. That leaves us with a question: Are you living your purpose?

Raphael & Gontse Richli
Gründer von HOPE Recovered

Unsere Vision

Wir pflanzen Samen der Hoffnung in der jungen und benachteiligten Generation durch das Evangelium Jesu Christi. Wir möchten, dass junge Menschen ihre Armut überwinden, vergeben können, frei von ihrer Vergangenheit werden, ihre Gaben und Talente entdecken, voller Hoffnung auf eine bessere Zukunft und leidenschaftlich in ihrer von Gott gegebenen Bestimmung leben.

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Unser Ziel

HOPE Recovered seeks to establish a safe haven for children and youth in the township. We are looking to acquire a property close to Kutumela Molefi Primary School to develop a children and youth centre. The two main focuses of the centre will be:

  1. Die Ausrüstung von jungen Menschen von Kindern bis zu jungen Erwachsenen
  2. Sustainability of the centre

An afterschool program designed for primary school children will focus on lifting the level of education. A youth centre focuses on character building, discovering and developing new skills.

Wie wir Hoffnung wecken und nachhaltige Veränderung bewirken

As a Christian based organisation, we believe that everyone is born with a God-given purpose. For every youth to find their individual purpose, they need opportunities to explore their talents, gifts and passions. Teaching the youth solid values will help them in their decision making and encourage them to invest in their future as a preparation for their bigger purpose, which will fuel the pursuit of their dreams.