The 7-Investors Fundraising Challenge

The youth unemployment rate in South Africa is 63.9% for 15-24-year-olds. HOPE Recovered's vision is to create a fountain of hope for the young generation. They should be protected from falling into a survival lifestyle without making their lives count and achieving significance. To escape the poverty cycle, they need access to quality educational support (such as the Academic Intervention Program or the Library for Children), the opportunity to learn vocational and entrepreneurial skills, and most importantly, to find meaning and fulfilment in life (for example through Youth Discipleship). They have the potential to make a significant difference in their families and communities, especially when they follow Jesus and discover God's perfect plan for their lives. Therefore we present the 7-investors fundraising challenge.

To do this, we need the help of 7 outstanding entities (individuals, groups, organisations, foundations, churches or corporations) with a generous and selfless heart to bring about a meaningful change in the lives of children and young people in Lethabong, a township in Pretoria, South Africa. By acquiring a 5ha property in their neighbourhood, we could reach more youth, serve much more efficiently, and provide them with the tools they need to succeed in their career choices while aligning their lives with Jesus.

With such a centre, HOPE Recovered would be able to speak into their lives, empower them to break the poverty cycle they find themselves in and raise godly men and women to do the same for those around them!

This fountain of hope wells up in the neglected and underprivileged community of Lethabong (meaning: a place of joy), replacing hopelessness with joy and finally bringing the community’s name to life.

Wouldn't you like to be one of those outstanding entities bringing hope and purpose to the young generation and bringing the community's name to life? Pledge your support to the 7-investors fundraising challenge! Be one of the outstanding 7, or help us identify them and allow us to make an offer to purchase the property.

Each of the seven extraordinary people is expected to make a significant contribution of 75,000 CHF, USD or EUR (about R1.25m) and enable HOPE Recovered to acquire the 5 ha property on the edge of the community and open that fountain of hope. The necessary infrastructure is already available on the property so that we can implement programs immediately. Furthermore, there is enough accommodation for volunteers and visitors to see the centre's impact with their own eyes.

Contact Raphael for more details via email at

HOPE Recovered is a registered non-profit organisation in South Africa running different programs to empower children and youth from underprivileged communities. We run a library for children in the township where we teach the basics of reading English. For the youth, we run a discipleship group, and we recently relaunched an academic intervention to boost high school learners in maths, equip them with computer skills and support them in pursuing their careers.

property-overview-1024x729 The 7-Investors Fundraising Challenge

Donate towards the property

For large donations use the bank details.

For donations up to R100 000 or (about 6000 USD) you may also use PayFast:

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