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The 7-Investors Fundraising Challenge

The youth unemployment rate in South Africa is 63.9% for 15-24-year-olds. HOPE Recovered's vision is to create a fountain of...
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The Beginning of the HOPE Recovered Library for Children in Lethabong

Read all about the beginning of the HOPE Recovered Library for Children and how it all came to be.
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A children and youth center - the vision

The founder’s vision is to move to the township (find out more about why we want to move to the...
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First Sneak Peek into our team meetings

Dive with us into this adventure of getting to know our Creator God in order to walk in alignment with...
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Rethink ministry? - a letter to you

Non-profit organisation have a very difficult task in our modern times. Often our help is making things worse and causing...
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The Gospel and Poverty

In his book counterculture, David Platt looks at giving to the poor from a biblical perspective and describes how to...
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The time is now

I know God is in control. But still I have this feeling of urgency to act and helplessness at the...
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Sustainable poverty relief

Wallace D. Wattles published a very interesting viewpoint already in 1910 which certainly has some truth to it. I wonder...
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Abundant reward of biblical investment strategy

In my daily bible reading I came across a passage and I thought to myself: “Wow how encouraging. I should...
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We want to move to the township

When I tell people that we want to move to the township, they often look at me as if there...
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Blessed to be a blessing

God works in mysterious ways. Since the beginning of lockdown HOPE Recovered was planning to deliver food parcels to its...
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Life in the township

This short video shows how people live in the township of Mamelodi, South Africa. Although the video is 10 years...
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